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67 out of 76 found this helpful Due to the possibility of lower levels of hormone with ectopic pregnancy it is possible to have a home test show that you are not pregnant while you have an EP. I tested a week after my period was expected and again a week later and both were negative. 3 weeks later I had spotting and abdominal pain so I went to the Dr. Ended up in the ER. My hormone level on the blood test showed at levels for 8wks pregnant and an ultrasound showed that I had an Ectopic pregnancy in my left tube. Because of the size of the baby the did emergency surgery and found that the tube had started to rupture. Lose my left tube and am still recovering from the surgery but it could have been much worse. The safest bet if you think you have an ectopic pregnancy is to see your Dr or go to the ER and INSIST that they test for it. Don't take no for an answer because this is your health! Best of luck! posted 01/17/2008 by CallaLily Report answer Was this answer helpful? Yes | No Thank you!

36 out of 36 found this helpful you could have an etopic pregnancy but the home test would have picked it up by now, go to your local ob/gyn just to be completely sure. etopic pregnancy can cause your tubes to bust and you could bleed out so get to your doctor soon. posted 08/26/2007 by yasime2000 Report answer Was this answer helpful? Yes | No Thank you!

48 out of 60 found this helpful When I had an EP, I had 1 positive home pregnancy test (very faint line) then multiple negative home pregnancy tests in the next several days. I then had a negative blood test at the doctor's office. My doctor concluded I had had a very early pregnancy detected by the home test that ended in an early miscarriage. About 2 weeks later I had some spotting and thought I was maybe having a period but then I was doubled over in pain and thought I was going to pass out. I called my doctor and he said to immediately come to his office. They diagnosed the EP and gave me the shot to try and dissolve the pregnancy. It didn't work and 2 days later I was in emergency surgery with a ruptured tube. Everything I have read says the home tests may or may not be positive - it just depends. So follow up with your doctor, just in case. posted 01/21/2008 by AMYDD98 Report answer Was this answer helpful? Yes | No Thank you!

30 out of 30 found this helpful go to the doctor quickly. i had some discomfort in my abdomen that wasn't normal for me. i've had two children and was still nursing. i bent down one day and had a sharp pain and then it went away. it just wasn't right. i went to my dr and told him i thought i had an ectopic. he said i didn't really have the symptoms. the preg test was positive was the hormone level was very low so he told me the pregnancy wasn't viable and that it had to be an ectopic. they ultrasounded me, and found no egg. md said it was still early, 6wks, so i got the injection of methodrextrate (spell??) came back a couple of days later and it hadn't worked, so scheduled d and c. two days after that i was was tested, preg still positive. ultrasound couldn't 'find it. had to have exploratory surgery, found in right end of tube, so i lost half the right side. 10 months later became preg on THAT side, with my third little girl. -- posted 01/01/2008 by leslielisa Report answer Was this answer helpful? Yes | No Thank you!

21 out of 23 found this helpful I am recovering from an ectopic pregnancy as we speak. A few earlier I had a horrible pain in my right side and I was spotting then, I had gotten off the pill and I thought the spotting was the result of that. I did a home test and it showed I was pregnant. Later that week, I was spotting again, I had cramping, pain in my left shoulder, and I became concerned. I called my Dr and I was able to see him that day. He did an ultra sound in his office and to my horror there was no baby in my womb even though a pee test and blood test showed I was pregnant. I went to see a Radiologist that day and the following morning I got the bad news that the baby was in my right tube. This was on a Friday morning, I had surgery Monday morning. I was lucky my Dr was able to save my tube. So, if you have spotting, shoulder pain, and cramping, get it checked out right away, the last thing you want is to have a rupture that could take your life. posted 11/28/2008 by a BabyCenter Member Report answer Was this answer helpful? Yes | No Thank you!

15 out of 16 found this helpful NOT ALWAYS. I had an ectopic pregnancy; had symptoms for six weeks before they realized what it was. I had taken a urine test and it was negative. I kept having pain and they kept doing ultrasounds and saw free-floating fluid. Finally, I had an episode where I almost passed out at work, but the pain went away. My husband made me go into the doctor, thank God. They tested me for pregnancy and it was positive. I had a blood test...I was about 5 weeks along according to my levels, but I believe I was closer to 8. When they got me into surgery, my tube had ruptured and I was bleeding internally. Thankfully, my doc was able to save the tube and I should be fine. INSIST ON A BLOOD PREGNANCY TEST if you suspect that you are pregnant. I finally tested positive on March 17 and had surgery on March 20. Like I said, I think I was EIGHT WEEKS...I think I became pregnant on January 27, the only time we had had unprotected sex. They kept insisting that I had PID and pumping me full of antibiotics posted 06/23/2008 by Feministeph Report answer Was this answer helpful? Yes | No Thank you!

13 out of 14 found this helpful My first test came back neg. and then I had a light period (or so I thought). I wasn't feeling right and I took another test and it was positive but the blood test was very low. I did another blood test and the numbers went up. The Dr. said I was pregnant but I was just too early to see anything on the u.sound. two days later I had spotting and a week later I had the doubled over pain. I had surgery and lost one of my tubes. I am now pregnant. It can happen with one tube!! posted 05/22/2008 by Amy102904 Report answer Was this answer helpful? Yes | No Thank you!

10 out of 10 found this helpful When I had my ectopic, my test was positive. THen, I started spotting and had severe cramps. Which is what I also went through when I recently had a m/c. I would definately try to get checked by a doc. You can never be too sure! posted 12/18/2007 by a BabyCenter Member Report answer Was this answer helpful? Yes | No Thank you!

10 out of 11 found this helpful When I had my ectopic pregnancy I did get a positive home pregnancy test, as well as a positive urine test at the Dr.'s, but not for several days after I was due for my period. I had very light spotting almost from the start and went to my OBGYN that week. My hormone levels were low with the blood tests indicating there might be a problem. They had me get an ultrasound, and determined that the pregnancy was not a viable uterine pregancy. They also gave me the shot, and it was successful. So the earlier the better if you are concerned you might have an ectopic. They will be able to do tests. If you don't have an ectopic, then it will be reassuring to know that. posted 11/26/2008 by a BabyCenter Member Report answer Was this answer helpful? Yes | No Thank you!

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