Ectopic Pregnancy

What are early symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy? |

Early warning signs of an ectopic pregnancy are vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain, according to Mayo Clinic. If there is leakage of blood from the fallopian tubes, the individual may experience shoulder pain or the urge to have a bowel movement, depending on the affected nerves. Continue Reading Keep Learning What are some common ectopic pregnancy signs? How do doctors treat ectopic pregnancy? What are the warning signs of preeclampsia in pregnancy? Full Answer

In the beginning, an ectopic pregnancy may not have any visible symptoms, notes Mayo Clinic. Some women may experience the signs of a normal pregnancy, such as breast tenderness, missed menstrual periods and nausea.

When women who have an ectopic pregnancy take a pregnancy test, the result is positive, reports Mayo Clinic. However, after a while they may begin to experience pelvic or abdominal pain, explains WebMD. This pain is often sharp and starts on one side before spreading to other parts of the belly. The pain is usually worse when the person strains or moves.

The individual may experience light to heavy vaginal bleeding, according to Healthline. Other symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy are dizziness, fainting and rectal pressure. If the fallopian tube leaks blood, the patient may experience pain in the neck and shoulders or the need to have a bowel movement, explains Mayo Clinic.

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