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Would you like to be a member of our research panel? Join here - there's (nearly) always a great incentive offered for your views. Twinges in right side - ectopic panic (13 Posts) Add message | Report Trillian79 Wed 11-Jan-12 18:50:03

Hello allI m pregnant for the first time and I m looking for reassurance and advice. I m currently 6+3, and am experiencing frequent (as in every ten minutes or so) twinges in my right hand side, lower down where I imagine my Fallopian tube to be. I had a tiny amount of spotting on new year s day as well but none since then.This isn t severe pain, more like twinges although once or twice they have been sharper, although not painful. I m terrified basically as I ve convinced myself the pregnancy is ectopic. I am making an appointment to see the doctor tomorrow but in the mean time can anyone advise? What are the symptoms for an ectopic? I ve had minimal pregnancy symptoms which I m taking as another bad sign. Add message | Report mimosatree Wed 11-Jan-12 19:03:08

I m not a doctor but what I can tell you is that I was worried too that any little ache and pain around that area could mean ectopic pregnancy. The doctor explained that it was VERY unlikely because the pain with extra uterine pregnancy comes on much later than at 6 weeks, apparently not until 9 weeks or so because the embryo just isn t big enough at 6 weeks.So please don t worry. It s very unlikely to be that. Weird twinges and aches in the first few weeks are very common but mostly harmless.Good luck to you! Add message | Report surfmama Wed 11-Jan-12 19:10:04

eeek me to trillian i had convinced myself of this and all is well. I had lots of pains low down on one side too, completely convinced myself of ep. all is well with me and I hope it is with you to so try and not worry just enjoy being pregnant (difficult with all the worries I know). let us know how you get on. Add message | Report Lovemarmite Wed 11-Jan-12 19:11:30

Hi there - I had the same sort of pains from 5 weeks onwards in my left side for what seemed to be longer than wished for and I got concerned about ectopic too. However, now at 9 weeks and no pains like that anymore - only a few stretches etc and some caused by wind (sorry, TMI!). I think it s very normal to worry about the twinges as it s all a bit new in there... There s quite a few of us on the Due in August? thread and have shared similar pain stories. However like mimosatree, I am no doctor either and so would not like to advise you as such but only let you know about my own experience.Hope the twinges subside asap, otherwise the GP should be a good bet. Add message | Report Owerly Wed 11-Jan-12 19:12:26

I had the exact same concern, kept getting pain on my right hand side. From what I can understand, more often than not this is normal, something to do with the uterus being on right hand side (although don t quote me on that!). I m now 14+3 and have seen the bean in the right place at the first scan. I found the first 12 weeks very nerve-racking, especially as it s also my first time Try not to worry too much (very hard I know) good luck and hopefully someone with a bit more knowledge will be along soon!Good luck! Add message | Report TwoIfBySea Wed 11-Jan-12 19:28:24

If you are worried then go to your doctor, anything that gives you peace of mind is worthwhile and don t worry about seeming silly.I had an ectopic a few years before having dts, it was my first pregnancy and I was about . It started with blood, like a miscarriage and I had to wait to the Monday for a test as it was the weekend. On the Monday I still had no pain, they did the tests and I was in surgery the following morning. It did rupture.Please do not worry about this, as I said, that is what the medical staff are for. Add message | Report Trillian79 Wed 11-Jan-12 19:39:10

Thanks so much everyone, your replies really have made me feel much better. I m a worrier at the best of times so being pregnant has only made me worse. I guess I m scared because I ve read how dangerous an ectopic can be and I d rather find out now before it s too late. I ve read that ectopics are often accompanied by severe pain and/or bleeding and I ve had neither. Still worried things could suddenly develop though. Twolf, thanks for sharing your experience. I m sorry for your loss. Add message | Report TwoIfBySea Thu 12-Jan-12 16:57:18

Trillian it is normal to worry, like I said, that is what your midwife and doctor are for - no one will be annoyed for putting your mind at rest.As I said, despite ending up with only one fallopian tube I had naturally conceived twins a few years later. It doesn t stop feeling sad for the one who could have been. Add message | Report scarletforya Thu 12-Jan-12 18:26:29

I had exactly the same, at 6 weeks on as well, except mine were on the left. It was not an ectopic, it was round ligament pains.When I got my scan the sonographer mentioned that the placenta is on the left so that probably explains it. Please try not to worry! Add message | Report Trillian79 Thu 12-Jan-12 18:48:14

Thanks for your reassurance ladies.Scarletforya, can I ask if you went for an early scan when you had the pains or did you just find out what they were later? I haven t managed to get a doctor s appointment so I m still non the wiser Add message | Report Char11 Thu 12-Jan-12 19:03:00

I had the exact same thing at about 6 weeks (now 13 + 5). I rang NHS direct and they got me a panic saying I should go to A+E and not drive myself. In a way I m glad I did go though, as they gave me a scan and all was fine. They found a very small corpus luteum cyst on my right side, which is nothing to worry about and goes away on its own - it wasn t there at my 12 weeks scan. I am a worrier too, and I did LOTS of reading about things at the time. From what I read, ectopic pain is more than just twinges - more like doubled over pain. Try not to worry, I m sure it is all normal movements and changes. But always good to get a dr to check - hope you get an appointment soon! Add message | Report dawn1967 Thu 12-Jan-12 19:30:45

At just under 5 weeks pregnant I had some bleeding, basically days after a happy pregnancy result. No pain just bleeding. Husband out of the country so all alone.GP sent me to A E who couldn t work out what was wrong. Possible miscarriage? Ectopic? Sent home and referred to local hospital. Given an early scan at 6 weeks where the ectopic was diagnosed as no pregnancy sac could be seen in the uterus. Was given pill to end the pregnancy which did not work. Next day was back in A E with severe pains.Next was operated on as had ruptured. Ectopic was in my abdomen attached to another organ (very rare) not in a tube so (luckily) no tubes removed. Pretty awful experience but surprisingly common it turned out. There were other two women admitted on my ward with ectopics during my stay. Have gone on to have a healthy DS aged 44. Had bad pains early on and thought that it was happening again, just turned out to be growing/ stretching pains. Don t give up hope but do watch carefully as I almost died. Wishing you good health and a happy pregnancy. x Add message | Report scarletforya Thu 12-Jan-12 21:29:35

No Trillian, my scan was at 11 weeks. I read a lot on the web where people described twinges on one side so I felt reassured by that and managed to wait. I wore white underwear every day though as I was always watching for spotting. (Sorry to hear your experience Dawn) Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google +1 Start new thread in this topic | Flip this thread | Refresh the display Add a message

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