Ectopic Pregnancy

Tommy’s - 6 weeks pregnant - what to expect

Your baby looks more like a tadpole than a baby right now, because their back is curved and they have a tail.

Your baby s heart started beating at 24 days. There s a bulge where their heart is going to develop. Even at this very early stage, the heartbeat can sometimes be found on a vaginal ultrasound scan.

There s also a bump where the brain and head are going to grow. Tiny dimples on this bump soon turn into ears and you can see a thick area where the eyes are going to form.

Are you suffering from cramps, constipation or dizzy spells? Find out about 10 common pregnancy complaints (and how to avoid them). Morning sickness

By now some of you might be feeling pretty ropey. One of the hardest things to cope with in the first trimester is morning sickness - and don t be fooled by the name, it can strike any time of the day.

Even if you feel terrible, you don t need to worry about the baby unless you can t keep anything at all down. Your baby will get everything he needs from you.

When I had morning sickness, the only thing that made me feel better was drinking tonic water, although it made me throw up. It took me a long time after giving birth to want a G T again!

Feeling sick? Try... Sparkling water Sucking ice cubes Small frequent meals Travel wristbands Foods and drinks that contain ginger (like ginger biscuits, chamomile and ginger tea, ginger ale and crystallised ginger) Sore head?

Some mums suffer with horrible headaches in pregnancy, which can sometimes be caused by hormones or dehydration. Find out more about how much water you should drink in pregnancy.

The following tips might help: Try to rest when you can Find ways to relax, like pregnancy yoga If you need painkillers, make sure you take the recommended dose. Paracetamol is usually safe to take in pregnancy - but not all pain relief is. Have a chat with your midwife or GP about pain relief.

If you have a severe headache that will not go away, it s important you re checked out by your GP or midwife. Tired and emotional?

Many women find that they get extremely tired during the first three months. If this happens to you, remind yourself that your body is working very hard so it's not surprising.

It can be difficult to cope with, as you probably don't want to share the news of your pregnancy just yet.

Just remember that this stage won't last forever, and the deep tiredness you're feeling usually passes when you reach the second trimester.

You may also feel emotional and tearful over little things, and you may find that your mood is suddenly going up and down because of the pregnancy hormones in your body.

Are you suffering from anxiety and panic attacks in pregnancy? Read our pointers on where to get help 7 weeks pregnant - what to expect Your little bean is now the size of a grape. ▾ ▴ Sources

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