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Ectopic Pregnancy is a common, life threatening condition that is the leading cause of death in early pregnancy. It affects 1 in 80 pregnancies in the UK and women who suffer have to face the physical trauma of major invasive treatment, their own mortality, the impact on their future fertility and the sad loss of losing their baby all very quickly. This can be a very frightening and distressing experience.

The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust believes that the deaths and trauma associated with ectopic pregnancy should be prevented or minimised and seeks to support women and their families through this difficult period of their lives. The Charity also provides Information, Education and Support to medical professionals who treat early pregnancy complications. Professionals

Short BMJ film on the diagnosis and management of ectopic pregnancy. Watch the film We need your help

Make sure women and their families are supported through ectopic pregnancy. Get involved Is my pregnancy ectopic?

What are the symptoms and how is an ectopic pregnancy diagnosed? Symptoms Let us know what you think of our online forums

The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust forums provide information and peer support for those in need. They are moderated and contributed to by trained staff and volunteers. What have your experiences been and what would you like to tell us? Please complete our survey Jane Back to the Quiet of Devon after an Exhilarating London Marathon Experience

Jane reflects on her ectopic and marathon experiences in the following powerful recount. EPT Patron Michelle Gayle on Pointless

Singer and Actress Michelle Gayle has championed raising awareness of ectopic pregnancy and been involved with the EPT for many years. We are delighted that she will be appearing on Pointless Celebrities to raise funds and awareness for the charity. EPT Chairman wins Women of the Future award

Women of the Future Awards, mentor of the year winner, Alex Peace-Gadsby, EPT chairman The Day Family Strive to Raise Awareness

Tanya has tirelessly fund-raised and raised awareness with her family for the condition of ectopics. Here she tells us her heartfelt story and there is a happy ending for the Day family. Read more news from the EPT » Contact us

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Reg. Charity: 1071811 News RCOG revised guideline aims to reduce ectopic pregnancy related deaths The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust backs calls for women who have suffered an ectopic pregnancy to be routinely screened for post-traumatic stress disorder Kirstie has fun taking part in the London Glow in the Park The Phillips Family run the Cardiff Half Marathon Rebecca Anthony smashes the Cardiff Half Marathon Take part in our research study

We are investigating the the emotional impact of an ectopic pregnancy. We are also interested in the support you would have found helpful from the health service or independent sector. Knowledge gained from this study will help support other women and shape service delivery.

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