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Symptoms of Miscarriage – Facts about Miscarriage

On this page you will find four categories of miscarriage symptoms: definite signs of a forthcoming miscarriage, possible signs, signs that might scare you but are really okay, and unusual periods that are not necessarily miscarriages.

You are having a miscarriage if you have already had a positive pregnancy test, then get these symptoms: Heavy bleeding that soaks a pad in a few hours or less. Strong cramps that make you double over or breathe in a huffy way. Bleeding will usually follow quickly. Passage of tissue, resembling large thick blood clots in the earliest weeks up to pinkish/grayish material, with or without cramps or pain.

A little bit of bleeding without cramping should be okay, but call a doctor. Small darting cramps, even if they hurt, are also okay, usually they just signal the body stretching and pulling to accommodate the growing baby. Lie down and the cramps will usually go away within the hour.

These symptoms can be other things rather than a loss of pregnancy, however, if you are not sure you are pregnant. Check the “I’m not sure I was pregnant” section.

If it is during doctor’s regular working hours, call your regular doctor first. They will give you instructions. If it a night or weekend, first call your regular doctor’s after-hours number. Usually this will be on their answering machine or with their answering service. The nurse or doctor on call who calls you back will help you decide if you need immediate attention or not. Don’t feel like you are bothering them needlessly; this is a natural and expected part of any OB practice.If you can’t get through, don’t have a doctor, and you are afraid, then go to an emergency room.

Be prepared for some possibly insensitive treatment. While some hospitals are well equipped for handling this situation and do a good job, often you are left alone in a room for hours, or told to sit on a toilet and catch tissue, or just sent back home because “there is nothing they can do.” It may be worth the trip, though, if they draw blood for an hCG test or give you a sonogram.

When I began bleeding heavily on an airplane on a Friday afternoon, I still waited until Monday to see my doctor. I did not want some total stranger telling me the baby had died, or to have a sonogram in an emergency room and be told to “call my doctor for the results.” While I was sad about the possible loss of the pregnancy (turns out I lost one of a set of twins at 10 weeks), I was resolved to wait for a comforting, familiar doctor’s office.

There is not really a risk to waiting until Monday or the next morning if you are in your first trimester. There is no magic way to stop an early miscarriage at the hospital. What is going to happen will happen. If you are farther along than 12 weeks, though, and you are merely in labor and not bleeding, then you should take quick action to see if labor can be stopped.If you are passing tissue at home, and it is your first miscarriage, it is not necessary to catch the tissue and take it in. You may do this if you choose, however, and you can store it in a sealed plastic bag in the refrigerator until you get to a doctor. However, it is rare that tissue caught this way will be usable. Tissue from first miscarriages is rarely tested, since it is assumed your miscarriage was due to a genetic defect. The best way to ensure testable tissue is to have a D C. Possible Signs of a Miscarriage

Sometimes, but not always, there may be signs that a miscarriage is pending. None of these things means a miscarriage is certain, but usually you will want additional monitoring if they happen.

Bleeding: Bleeding that starts and stops and starts and stops is often a sign that your hormone levels are falling. While you may still be okay, you need to have your blood hCG pregnancy hormone levels monitored. Heavy bleeding that soaks a pad in an hour is a sign that a miscarriage may be beginning. See the sections on “Definite Signs” for more information on what to do. Keep in mind that while bleeding is always scary, 70% of all pregnancies have bleeding at some point. Both of my normal pregnancies had bleeding, heavy and red. And the one I lost at 20 weeks never even spotted.

Cramping: You are going to feel a lot of random cramping down there the whole pregnancy. The only time cramping is a concern is if you are breathing in a labor-like huff, or if you also begin bleeding with the cramps.

Loss of pregnancy symptoms: This is a question I get all the time. While the complete and sudden loss of pregnancy symptoms can signal a pending miscarriage, usually it is not the first sign. You will have many days where you don’t feel pregnant, when the nausea abates for a day or two, or your breasts are less sore. This is expected and not a concern at all. Around weeks 10 to 14, this is completely normal, as your hormone levels even out and the placenta takes over. The loss of pregnancy symptoms during a miscarriage is usually something you see in hindsight, not ahead of time.

A pregnancy test that fluctuates between positive and negative: If you have tested super early, this is normal. However, if you are a couple weeks in, this could mean an ectopic pregnancy. Often you may also see spotting. If you have taken a pregnancy test that is positive, then another one a few days later that is negative, alert your doctor immediately. You want to rule out an ectopic or take care of it before you have to go the surgical route. If you are taking the tests in the same day, though, you might be right on the edge of a positive result, and urine later in the day may not be concentrated enough to keep the test positive. Test again the next morning to be sure.

You should always call your doctor when you are worried, however; because it is better to call for something that does not turn out to be a problem than to stay up half the night worrying about it. When You’re Okay

Whether it’s your first pregnancy or you have already been through a loss, one thing we all have in common is worry, worry, worry. This is okay, but remember that 90% of pregnancies end with a squawling baby, regardless of the turmoil the mom has gone through to get there. Here are the most common things you will fret over, and why they are not really a problem.

Bleeding: Small amounts of brown blood (which means it’s old) are expected when the egg implants in the uterus (7-10 days after ovulation) and sometimes at the point when you would have expected your period. You may also bleed slightly after having sex, but this is probably NOT from the baby. Your cervix is soft and filled with blood, so it may bleed a little from sex. This is not considered by many doctors to be a problem, but if it alarms you, call. Up to 70% of all pregnancies have bleeding.

You will be especially scared if you see bright red blood. If you are between 10 and 12 weeks, or if it is a time you would have expected your period, do not panic. Remember that until you are quite far along, much of your uterus is not involved in nourishing the baby, and can bleed with a minor hormone fluctuation. If you are not cramping, call your doctor to let them know, stay lying down on your left side, and hopefully it will slow down, start to turn brown, and eventually stop. If you push the issue, your doctor might schedule a sonogram to put your fears to rest.

When bleeding is a problem: If it is heavy enough to make you change pads or bright red, call your doctor right away. If you begin to have cramps with the bleeding, follow the instructions under “Definite Signs” above.

Cramping: You are going to feel a lot of random cramping down there the whole pregnancy. Most of the time it is caused by the round ligaments expanding to accommodate your growing baby and uterus. If it goes away after a few pains or after you sit down and rest a bit, then you are probably all right. Cramping is a sign you are growing to accommodate the baby and sometimes a sign that you are overdoing it and should rest.

When cramping is a problem: If it continues or gets worse or if you start bleeding too, call your doctor immediately. If you begin to have labor-like breathing or a gush of fluid or blood, follow the instructions under “Definite Signs.”

Inability to eat or keep food down. This is normal! Remember that the baby is the size of a grain of rice and not exactly demanding steak dinners. When the baby starts to need the extra 300 calories a day, you will be eating fine. Just do the best you can with your saltines and soda, and remember that the more severe your morning sickness, the better your hormones are functioning.

Few or no pregnancy symptoms. Not everyone spends each day throwing up or sleeping all the time. Many people have symptoms that are light or nonexistent. This does not mean you will miscarry. Each pregnancy is different, and usually pregnancies after the first will be easier on your body. I had so few pregnancy symptoms the third time around that I actually ordered a margarita at a restaurant before my husband said, “Aren’t you forgetting something?” This never would have happened with Emily, when I spent every non-working hour sleeping or bawling over a migraine.

You should always call your doctor when you are worried, however; because it is better to call for something that does not turn out to be a problem than to stay up half the night worrying about it. Unusual Periods that Are Not Necessarily Miscarriages

There are many things that can happen in a cycle to make you wonder if you were pregnant and lost a baby, but you never took a test to know for sure. For information on this topic, click on “I’m not sure I was ever pregnant.”

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Hi, Im slmost 7 weeks, i started with browm spotting 6 days ago, that quickly tirn into pink and then into red blood, i went to the dr right away, the sac was about 9cm, dr saud everything looked ok and i could continue with my routine, but that night bleeding increased so I decided to stat in bed rest, i had to call him again because all tuesday i had peroid like cramping and my bleeding was more like 3-4 day period, he did another us abd the sac didnt look tound like it did monday, it measured 11cm, tho, he put me in bed rest and ordered at hCG test and my levels matched my weeks, friday i Started cramping again and passed a large clot (like 1in) it looked like it had some flesh in it, we took it to the dr today and he did another us, the sac id still there but it s about 5cm, i know in my heart that couldnt be a good sign, i also asked for a HB but the dr said i could see it from about week 8, he ordered a new hCG test for monday and he hopes my levels doubled Do u think Im having a miscarriege? I am still bleeding but it s less and cramping is almost gone. Andrea says: September 2, 2012 at 11:37 pm

I am really disappointed about the fact that everything I read says that you must have a positive pregnancy test to have a miscarriage. I had a miscarriage last month at 5 weeks and despite testing almost daily, my HCG levels never got high enough to register on a pregnancy test. I feel that because I didn t get a positive test that my baby will never be recognised as ever having existed. Also my cramps did not cause me to double over in pain, nor did I bleed excessively. There is a wide range of normal when it comes to miscarriage which is highly dependent on how far along the pregnancy is. I feel for any other women in my position. Tracy says: September 5, 2012 at 3:16 am

I am about 7 or 9 weeks pregnant from what I understand and I have had spotting for a few weeks now.

I went to the ER 11 days ago and the sonogram showed extra debirs which they called a threatened miscarriage. I had blood work and a sonogram 8 days ago and was told I was in better shape. My HCG levels went up from around 1,600 to over 4,000 in two days and my doctor showed me the heartbeat. I had even been told I could exercise if I was gentle.

I had stopped worrying until today. All I did was vacuum and mop type of non strenuous house work so I didn t think too much of it. I few hours later I had some cramping that seems to have worsened and I have redish bleeding as opposed to my usual brown. I am not bleeding enough to need a pad or passing any kind of clots. I have been getting slight constipation from the prenatal vitamin but this feels more like menstral cramps.

I am going to make an appointment with my OB tomorrow but it would help to know what my chances are.

I took 3 pregnancy tests that came back positive but only with a faint line, I took anouther test about a week later to see if it was darker and it came back negative.. Going from my last period which was about 9 weeks ago ill be around 8/9 weeks pregnant, I woke last night in very bad pain in my groin, I m still in very bad pain where it feels like somebody is stabbing me in my groin area and I ve started bleeding, not much just light pinkish blood.. What could it be? I know its not my period? Could it be etopic pregnancy? Please someone reply bk to me I m very worried xx kelly ison batchelor says: September 16, 2012 at 8:51 am

I took 3 pregnancy tests that came back positive but only with a faint line, I took anouther test about a week later to see if it was darker and it came back negative.. Going from my last period which was about 9 weeks ago ill be around 8/9 weeks pregnant, I woke last night in very bad pain in my groin, I’m still in very bad pain where it feels like somebody is stabbing me in my groin area and I’ve started bleeding, not much just light pinkish blood.. What could it be? I know its not my period? Could it be etopic pregnancy? Please someone reply bk to me I’m very worried xx kiki says: September 17, 2012 at 11:16 am

missed my period on 9/3. got a positive test on 9/11 and on 9/15. (so im probably around 6 weeks) Started light bleeding on the night of the 15th. bleeding still going on with small clots. The bleeding isnt enough to fill a pad at all, mostly just when i wipe. no cramps just general discomfort. I have an appointment tomorrow at the health unit to have a test done and to get on medicaid so i can see a dr. Do you think Im miscarrying? Simone says: September 26, 2012 at 9:47 am

After a few months of trying to get pregnant,I finally thought it was time,I had a faint positive on the 2nd sept and another faint positive on the 11th sept(clearer than the 1st)then last tues I went to the doc and she did a test as well which also came up faintly positive(she said this was coz I woz still early into the pregnancy)she estimated I was about 5 and a half weeks..well on sunday I started spotting and as of monday it turned into more of a period like bleeding..I finally went to a doc this morning and the test came out negative but she had blood drawn to see what my hcg levels are..I m so sad and disappointed,my dream was crushed just like that and there s nothing I can do about it.. what are the chances I could turn out to still be pregnant? shirley says: October 3, 2012 at 2:32 am

Hi there. I am a 31 year old woman who has never been pregnant before until recently. I was talking to a friend of mine and was telling her about what was going on with my body she told me I was having a miscarriage. I didn t even know I was pregnant. My had my normal cycle in August and in September I spotted very lightly from the 4th to the 14th I thought no big deal right then on the 22nd of September I started cramping really bad and bleeding very heavily with red stringy things I was/am pad and tampon, yes both, every 30-45 minutes I went to planned parenthood and they gave me a pregnancy test but it came back negative. They they precisted on thelling me that its an infection or STD miscarriage was not even in their vocabulary today is now the 3rd of October and I am still having all of the problems stated earlier is this cause to go to the er? Just wondering I am a bit scared cause I am loosing a lot of blood, but I am drinking a lot of water and juice any advise would be much appreciated Kimberly says: October 3, 2012 at 1:15 pm

Hi i was trying for a baby last month, i took multiple test that were all negative, but my period was late 17 days late. Then i got it. I had aweful cramping, it started out brownish then got bright red and very heavy. I normally have a very light cycle so this was weird. It was litterally gushing out of my in the shower. the cramps continued and 3 days into all this, i all of a sudden out of no where got faint and broke out in a cold sweat when i was just sitting, the 4th day i had some cramps bleeding is more like a normal period, day five i woke up feeling really ill, headach, mild but constant cramps, no more blood, but threw up after i drank some water. I would guess i had a miscarrage, i did at one point discharge a little purplish thing the size of a big pea. I have had some in the past, but never with the sickness.. Should I be concerned? Amanda says: October 3, 2012 at 6:07 pm

Hi I m 8 wks and 4 days pregnant early on 2nite when I was cleaning myself after the toilet I noticed I had some spotting wasn t bright red was pinky colour my lower back has been a bit aching today phoned the docs and explained they said was to keep an eye on it since then it s turned brown I ve had miscarriages before and with the same brown discharge is this the case with this pregnancy 2 my lower back is still sore no cramps or pain just as yet thanks. Carlem says: October 13, 2012 at 1:56 pm

First my sickness symptoms went away then I started having abdominal cramps with the puffing. Nic says: October 18, 2012 at 8:46 am

Hi, I m 32 years old and 6 + 3 weeks with my first baby. Last night, I experienced a small amount of pink spotting for an hour or so, only when I wiped. A first, it was pinked tinged mucus, and then it became more watery. There has been nothing more so far today, but I did have loose bowel movements this morning, similar to what I experience when I get my period. I am really worried about it. I called my GP, but they won t see me, they said I need to call back if I m in pain or start to bleed properly.

Would bleeding normally start straight after spotting if you re going to have a miscarriage, or can the spotting stop for a day or so and then bleeding happens? I ve had no pain, just a couple of minor twinges lasting a second each time (on my left side).

I haven t had many symptoms of pregnancy either; I had mild cramps and tiredness before my period was due, but since then I ve felt fine no extreme tiredness, no sickness, no sore boobs. The only symptom I ve had is a dark ring around my nipples.

in 2004 my hubby and i had a ectopic pregnancy they saved the tube i was so depressed i ate my self up to 94 lbs bigger in a year and my body quit having periods we tried for years and got told by a doctor i had pcod and would never be able to have a child 5 months ago we started seeing a specialist he cked me out said i was miss diagnosed problem was i wasn t producing enough estrogen got me on meds and found out about a month ago i was pregnant we were so excited we told everyone today i went for a ultrasound (7.5 weeks along ) they did a trans vaginal and when they did found a sac but no baby.. i have a very tilted uterus my hcg levels as of a week ago have been going great he wont re test them for a week he told me it is a 50 50 rite now if im goin to miscarriage it will happen with in the week if and the blood work comes back good then something has to be growing in my belly!! im trying very hard to be positive with this but it is very hard i just need to know what im goin threw is something others have been threw i need to know if my baby is ok or if i should plan for the worse i feel like im loosing my mind and only god knows how scared i am rite now ive been praying every 5 mins please if u can give me any advise good or bad i could use it so im not stuck in limbo thanks lili says: October 28, 2012 at 7:12 pm

last week i had BAD cramps at night and i woke up with spotting with a few clots, now it has slowly changed to light red bleeding on the other hand i have on and off mad cramps with tender breasts. this has been going on for over a week. what cld it be? Britt says: October 30, 2012 at 7:10 am

I had a miscarriage which started on Friday. I was 6 weeks pregnant. Today is my 5th day of bleeding and my blood is orange/red with some clots. Is this normal? Mary says: November 2, 2012 at 2:42 am

Hi, Should be about 6wks, did a scan 4days ago, the Dr saw only the sac and heard no heartbeat, told me to come back in 2wks time for another scan, I m not bleeding but feel nauseated in the evenings. I miscarried earlier on in April this year and I m on progesterol weekly injection. What do you think have I miscarried or should I be hopeful?

Hi, I am 6 weeks 2 days pregnant with twins from iui with injectable. My husband I have been trying to conceive for a long time and come to.find out my left tube was,blocked has since been fixed after switching doctors. I was lucky to get pregnant the first try with him, not sure if because unblocked tube or timing. Prior to switching doctors we tried for over 2 years to conceive via fertility clinic doing Clomid with iui only 2x. I.did conceive 2 years ago naturally but miscarried at 7 weeks after seeing the heart beat. With this pregnancy when I found out I was pregnant went in to get levels and they were 4100 few days later had very light brown spotting and lower back pain, went in to check hormones again and levels were 10000 just 72 hrs later. Spotting stopped after 2 days back pain still there. Went in for ultra sound 5 wks 6 days. Saw both sacs and fetal poles but couldn t see heart beat which was alarming. Doc said could be too.early. obviously I am stressing over the next visit. I have had nauseous and been tired but no.other symptoms..I would feel better if the symptoms were stronger especially with twins. Based off all.the info is there cause for concern??? Or am.I being overly paranoid???? Thanks for your thoughts CayCe says: November 5, 2012 at 2:53 pm

Hi my name is CayCe and im 19 im with the man ..i love and have been for seven years and i gave my virginity this past august 8 th my period s are verrry irregular and they always have been but we think we might be pregnant because in agust a week and a half later august 28 th i started my period and it wasent normal but i dont really have a normal period but it was basic i started and i wwas kinda heavy but not super heavy and lasted about three days so thats pretty basic for me but then i didnt start at all in September but thats no t uncomen for me either but i was still scared because before i was not worryed because i have not yet had sex but in this case i was so i took a pregnancy test on the first and it came back negative and theni started that day but this period was the worse i have ever had it hurf so bad in my lower back and i felt faint and i had a fever and felt like i was going to throw up but i never and then this period lasted 7 days and hurt all the way through . we have had sex in between periods and even once on my period but in october i started on the 1 st and went 7 days and then stopped but then on the 25th of oct i spotted when i went to the bathroom but not in underwear just when i wiped but that was it and then on the 27th we had intercourse and then i started to spottagain late at night on the 3rd but not in my underwear just a very little when i wiped and it was a light pinkish but then the next morning i woke up and bleed through my underwear on to the bed And when i went to the bathroom i was bleeding a lot and there were clots but they wernt like normal looking blood clots they were more like tissue and i continued to bleed all day the 4th and i am stil bleeding today the 5th but it has lightend up a bit but the are still lot of tissue clots coming out bet i have stopped a lot now and i have a pregnancy test to take but i want to wait untull i stop bleeding to take it but what does all of this mean? Am i pregnant ? and also i took a test call do i have the symptoms of pregnancy and i got 11 out of 12 right and the results said do not wait much longer to tak e a pregnancy test . But things smell wear i cramp all the time now for the past few weeks and my husband says i feel hot but i feel kinda cold and my Brest ate growing every day bigger and bigger and i have been geting these bad headaches so what do need to do or what do yall think ? CayCe says: November 5, 2012 at 3:03 pm

And sorry for all the typos im on my phone and its acting up an me today:/ CayCe says: November 5, 2012 at 3:04 pm

And sorry for all the typos im on my phone and its acting up an me today:/ Oh and i have been hungry all the time ..? Jessica says: November 5, 2012 at 10:50 pm

5 weeks pregnant and had Copper IUD removed today at 2pm. I know it s a 50/50 chance of miscarriage. A few hours ago I had a large amount of bright red bleeding when I went to the bathroom. It stopped after a few minutes and have had no bleeding or discharge of any kind since then. I also had no cramping or tissue/clots during the bleeding. Possible miscarriage? Or bleeding from IUD removal? Alisha says: November 8, 2012 at 7:49 am

I am going through the same thing as Danielle. I am suppose to be 11 weeks 3 days when I had my first ultrasound and they couldn t find anything so they done a trans vaginal. The nurse wouldn t tell me an answer because she couldn t and I found out from my doctor that they are questioning the pregnancy. I have to see my doctor today but I have been going through hell waiting and I am sure I will have to wait until next week to get any results. I am so worried because within the past month after sex I had bleed twice. The first time it was very minimal and the second there was a lot but the red didn t stick around now it s just very little old blood for the past day. Is it possible that I miscarried and didn t even know it? Throughout the whole 11 weeks I haven t had any sickness or any signs I was pregnant but for peeing more and a missed period. Shona says: November 9, 2012 at 11:49 am

Hi, Recently found out I was pregnant taken 4 tests all positive, one was clear blue Said pregnant 2-3, the next day I started bleeding really heavy to a put where I went to hospital they examined me took a test and confirmed I am pregnant, sent me for a scan today incase I was further gone but all it showed was a sac and was too early to say It was a growing pregnancy or a lost pregnancy I now have to wait a long 3 weeks for another scan, still bleeding though Liz says: November 10, 2012 at 12:35 am

Hi, I m 8 weeks pregnant and have had spotting for about 5 weeks now. Some days are very light with only small amount of brownish blood other days there is more red blood. There is never enough to fill a pad and I have had a scan that shows a heartbeat about a week ago. Is it normal for spotting to continue for this long? Kathy says: November 11, 2012 at 7:16 am

HI. After about a week or two of pregnancy symptms I tested positive last week. The symptoms were quite strong; mild cramping, thirst, constant peeing, insomnia, hunger. According to the date of my last period I should now be in 5 weeks +. As my pregnancy synproms seem to have become milder I did two more tests..the first one yesterday evening gave a very faint line (positive) and the one this morning (clearblue) said that I was 1-2 weeks pregnant!? Could I have stopped producing HcG?? In which case, could I be starting to miscarry? Had my first baby in 2010 (i m 37 now) after a miscarriage in week 7 back in 2009. nita12 says: November 11, 2012 at 11:25 am

Sorry so long Where do I began I am really confused about what is going on. I am 40, I had a tubal in 2009 after my last baby. My cycles have been pretty much regular and on time. My ex and I divorced and was not intimate with anyone til this year wh reunited with high school sweetheart. My last cycle was September 17, and it lasted six days as it usually does some heaviness around the second and third day. But not bright red or bleeding through clothes. I had pink and brown discharge for a day in October yet no period. I felt preggo with some symptoms my db even asked if I were. Took a test and it was negative. End of October I was in a car accident in which I was rear ended. I have pain in my neck and in my shoulders. And currently under doctors care. This month I started bleeding bright red blood with some clots and five days before my cycle was to begin. Called nurse on call and they took my info and told me to rest and get an appt within the next two Weeks. Can you please tell me what is going on? By the way , the bleeding now was heavy on Friday and some Saturday and bleed through my clothes, stopped Saturday nite now today I am bleeding again but lightly PLEASE HELP..should I be concerned? nita12 says: November 11, 2012 at 11:45 am

Also had dull lower backache and abdominal pains. But it stopped on first day. Breasts are still tendet and I have been very irritable lately..please need some input nita12 says: November 14, 2012 at 8:11 pm

not sure what s going on since Saturday nite I hanv been spotting like a watery brown and it is just a bit. But I do have lower back pain that is constant and worse when I am walking or other. I also having really bad headaches can someone please give advic e? misty says: November 16, 2012 at 9:29 am

I m almot five weeks pregnant. I ve had no spotting or bleeding or any kind. I ve had cramps but family doctor told me they r normal. Am I just panicing over nothing or is there a pretty good chance you can lose a baby with no bleeding or signs?

Hello, I recently found out I am pregnant. According to my LMP I am 7wks5d. I have been experiencing mild cramping, intense stomach aches, a bit of lower back pain, no bleeding at all and heartburn which worries me a lot since I have experienced a miscarriage 4 years ago. I don t have my appointment until next week. But I am very worried I am having a miscarriage. I also have strong morning sickness which makes me think everything is ok. But the cramping worries me a lot. Is this normal. My husband and I planned for this pregnancy, it would devastate me if I am going thru a miscarriage. I am 32 with 4 kids. munich1975 says: November 26, 2012 at 2:59 pm

Hi Kimberley.. Sounds like u r having an infection..u had better consult a Dr some tissues may need to be removed via DNC if ur body couldn t expel it naturally. I just had a miscarriage..even tho e scan showed that most of e sac had been expelled,e Dr still gave me a course of antibiotics to prevent infection.. lost says: November 26, 2012 at 4:47 pm

i am 7weeks expecting but i get pain in my thighs and stomach a lot. I also get high fever at nights and my body pain is more like I used to have for monthly. the only thing is that I am not bleeding cat says: November 28, 2012 at 5:15 pm

Hi there thanks so much for this site. I m 33 and we are pregnant with our first. I m supposed to be 10.5 weeks but 5 days ago I started to bleed bright red blood. It wasn t enough to soak a pad but enough to scare me. I went to hospital where they did u/s they said too small to see so did a trans vaginal one too. Dr couldn t find heartbeat and fetus smaller than expected looked more like 8 weeks he told us there was a strong chance of miscarriage and to return for a scan in a week. The waiting is excruciating and I am still bleeding and passing some small clots. I m getting dull cramps too. It s devastating but I think this is really happening . Is there any chance that my baby is ok? If Not and really misscarrying, what should I expect to happen? I just need some advice please. lydia says: November 29, 2012 at 6:41 am

Hi, I am currently 10 weeks pregnant, 11th weeks this Sunday. Two days ago i started having some light brown spotting when i would wipe, by the end of the day it turned into dark brown spotting that would get on my underwear. I called the ob and they said they usually don t see brown spotting a problem so to just call if it got worse. The next day i continued to have the brown spotting and when i wiped it was pink and red. Later that night i also noticed some small blood clots in the toilet and also when i would wipe. This is the third day of light bleeding with very small clots. I am going to call my OB today to get an US but i just wanted an opinion because i have been freaking out! Thanks so much! Megan says: December 1, 2012 at 11:42 am

I had my first U/S yesterday and the doctor told me that I had an empty sac inside my uterus. She said it is most likely a miscarriage but still a chance that it could be a very early pregnancy. I was having very heavy bleeding yesterday accompanied with some sharp cramping in my right side. Im just trying to figure out if I am having a miscarriage. Because I am still bleeding and when I use the bathroom it looks like flaky blood coming out. Any idea what could really be going on? Kerri says: December 1, 2012 at 7:48 pm

Hi I m a bit worried that I am in the middle of having a miscarriage I m about 4wks6days 8 days late had a very faint positive test 2 days ago I woke up this morning and had light brown discharge. About an hour later I start bleeding dark red only lightly then within the nxt 2hours it turned bright red and very watery then this evening I ve started clotting largest clot was aboutthe size of a pea and still bleeding brought red got bad cramping sometimes makes me take a deep breathe and brings a tear to my eyes I ve gone through one pad every 4 hours but it s not fully filled end to end just the middle bit. Every time I go to the toilet I loose about 4-5 small clots and 1 ignoring one and a few small ones. This would be my 4th pregnancy with only 2 previous going full term any help and advice would be good as never experience d a miscarriage before and I m scared very scared thanks Kerri lucky says: December 3, 2012 at 10:46 pm

Hi, My last period was on 14/Oct which means i should be well along on my gestational age but the doctor scanned me on saturday (1/Dec) and said the fetal age is just four weeks.. he also said it s probably a miscarriage because there is no heart beat.. however the pregnancy symptoms have not reduced, infact morning sickness has increased, and i vomitted for the first time yesterday instead of just retching.. it s my first pregnancy and i m really looking forward to having a successful one could i be miscarrying or am i worried over nothing? Krista says: December 11, 2012 at 4:15 pm

I m 8wks pregnant an last saturday December 1, 2012 I started bleeding heavily an went to emergency room. I was told in my ultrasound they could see two yolk sacs in the gestational sac. I went for my regular dr appt n have a blood clot by he gestational sac. I had a hcg quant 12/1 27900, 12/5 21400, 12/7 19400. My levels are dropping but they still see a gestational sace an yolk sac but the gestational sac an yolk sac decreased in size. Am I having a miscarriage or is their a possability for a viable pregnacy? Please answer soon. I still have bleeding due to the blood clot. An I still have sore breast an frequent urnination. lauren says: December 18, 2012 at 1:12 pm

i am currently having symptoms of being pregnant. i have horrible head aches, i am extremely moody, my boobs are extremely sore, i am spotting, this whole month i have been having stomach cramps, but i took three at home pregnancy test and they all came back negative. i am very confused and need desperate help. someone please give me advice on what might be the answer. amanda says: December 18, 2012 at 2:21 pm

hi im 27 years old. i have two kids 4 and 3 years of age. both pregnancies were pretty much the same. my boyfriend and i have been tryin to have a baby for the last year. ive gotton pregnant four times and they never lasted more the 6 weeks or so. its been 6 months since my misscarrige i am now prego again im not sure how far along but iam affraid of it happing again. i been to the doctor several times before with the other misscarriges and they say nothing is wrong with me. could it have somthin to do with my boyfriends sperm cause we can get pregnant but i cant stay pregnant. please help me understand my situation what should i do Jolene says: December 22, 2012 at 12:12 am

I had slight vaginal bleeding lastnight without cramps. It ended with a bit of vaginal red blood stringy discharge. Everything seemed fine in the morning with a bit of left over brown blood. Tonight bleeding again with more red stringy discharge and a single blood clot. Cramping feels like beginning of my period. Is this ever considered normal or do I need to prepare myself for a miscarriage. I have not gone to the ER since I am only 10 weeks pregnant. My sisterinlaw works in labor and delivery who says I could go in but there isn t anything they can do to stop a miscarriage this early on. Deb says: December 23, 2012 at 5:44 am

Hello i ve just turned 33 and found out approx 2 weeks ago that im 4 weeks pregnant with our first child. We have been ttc for almost a year. I took 2 digital tests that confirmed 1-2 weeks after conception. I ll be 6 weeks almost and the only symptoms i have are missed period and slightly tender breasts now and then. Since i found out i have had light brown (tan) colour discharge then bit of fresh blood (no more than tea spoon and not enough to fill a liner) then i had dark brown discharge then brown liquidy discharge and now dark red/brown. These are never enough to fill a liner always tea spoon amounts. I took another test a week ago to put my mind at rest and it read 2-3 weeks so i assume my levels have been increasing. I don t know whether i should contact gp or wait it out as i know i d have to be approx 6 weeks before they do ultra sound. I have no cramping, bad back etc. Please can u give me some advice or confirm if i could be in stages of miscarriage. Thank you x Danielle Clark says: December 23, 2012 at 4:44 pm

Hi, I just stumbled across this page. I am freaking out right now. I am 10 weeks pregnant and started brown spotting 2 days ago. It s not very much. But I ve been noticing after bowel movements (sorry tmi) that I ve been getting bright red spotting with a tiny bit of tissue matter. It s still not a lot. And my cramping has been mild. I went to the ER yesterday and they took a blood test and told my my hCG level was like 2200. Which is extremely low. So is this a definite miscarriage? Or is something else possibly going on? I saw my baby s heart beat 2 weaks ago and it s was a good strong heartbeat. So not exactly sure what to think. Michelle says: December 24, 2012 at 11:59 pm

I have a history of endometriosis, so more than used to bad cramping. However, I m 8 weeks pregnant (from date of conception) and been bleeding all day (brown for the most part) and cramping really bad. My doctor thought I might have been miscarrying 2 weeks ago, but so far ok. Well, at least I think; he sent for an ultrasound and they wanted me back in 10 days. I can t get an appointment for another 2 weeks. Should I be concerned. I guess if I m going to miscarry, there s not much that can be done; but is there a way I can ensure that I don t? Ashley says: December 26, 2012 at 3:42 pm

hello, im currently suppose to have been about ten weeks pregnant they did an ultrasound last week and it only showed a gestational sack which meant im not as far along as they thought they just went by my last period. anyways my doctors office is closed today and im very worried i started faintly spotting five days ago after intercourse it started as a pinkish color and now is dark brown with a tiny bit of tissue matter did we not see anything in the ultrasound because im miscarrying?? im very worried but its not alot of blood first pregnancy and i dont know what to think!! Jessica says: January 2, 2013 at 2:57 am

Hi Deanna, im not sure if i am pregnant but my partner and i have been trying for the last couple of months to concieve our second child , i had a fall at work today and have been bleeding a light red blood since then it isn t very heavy and i have cramping like a normal period maybe a little stronger. i would have been due for a period in the next week but the bleeding didnt start like a normal period for me. I havent passed any clots but is it possible that it could be a miscarriage? Adriana says: January 5, 2013 at 1:45 pm

Hello, thank you SO SO much for the information posted in this website. It has actually calmed me down a little bit. I have been spotting for the past 2 weeks. I am 7 weeks 2 days my Dr has checked the baby for the past two weeks and heartbeat is normal and growing at the expected rate. He thinks it might be SCH i have an ultrasound at the hospital next week to determine if it is ot not. Since yesterday afternoon i have not had any symptoms. No nausea or tender breast. I am lightly spotting but i am freaking out that i am miscarrying. I am starting to think the spotting has to do with hormone levels. If you have any advice or comments i will greatly appreciate them Txs Shardae says: January 5, 2013 at 5:10 pm

Hi, I just left the ER and was told I miscarried. Blood work and urine show I m pregnant but an ultrasound didn t show anything. I am 6 wks and I want to know if It s possible that I just didn t show yet. My symptoms were brown discharge and very slight abdominal pain. Calling my doctor Monday. Could I still be pregnant because there is No bleeding and No serious pain?

Hi there, I am 7.3 weeks pregnant and yesterday started having light brown discharge. It is very light but I still have it today mainly notice it when I go to the toilet but a little on my panties yesterday. I had a bath yesterday and it was a little bit heavier after.

No bright red blood and only mild cramping as usual, although am aware of Ache lower left side not sure if this is my colon.

Should I be worried? Should I see a doctor? This is my first pregnancy. Trying not to worry too much. I have not ha sexual intercourse at all during this pregnancy.

Hi I took a pregnancy test 3 weeks ago and came out positive ..test was slightly light though. My concern is the following i have been slightly bleeding for 2 weeks now first week was non stop but now one day I bleed the other day nothing .. I have seen grayish tissue very light amounts though. On the week i found out I was pregnant i had a strong pain on my abdomen for like 30 minutes and every now and then back pains. Can this be symptoms of a miscarriage and should I contact a doctor? Comment navigation Older Comments Newer Comments Comments are closed. Search for: MORE QUESTIONS

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