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My husband left for Basic Training a lil over a month ago and for about a month before that he was posing the possibility that I was Prego. I was tired more often, hungry even more, constipated, having mood swings, and my tummy was getting bigger (I've never had an issue with weight because I have a high metabolism). My period was off-lasting only two or three days and wasn't consistent in flow. From then to about three weeks ago, I had taken 7 (crazy I know) Home Pregnancy Tests. They all came back negative. However, everything screams to me that I'm pregnant. I've heard of ectopic pregnancies but know its more rare....can you have an egg developing in the one tube and still release an egg from the other ovary? Could I be experiencing an ectopic pregnancy in its early stages? Occasionally I do get some bad twinges in my side but I just figured it was gas or just because I've been coughng really bad from a cold I just got recently.....I do plan on going to a clinic to get checked out soon despte my health insurance not kicking in for a little while; until then I'm doing as much research as I can. It is possible that you are experiencing an ectopic pregnancy. The bets way to find out is of course to get a sonogram at the clinic or at least a blood test. But it sounds to me like you are not actually pregnant if that many HPTs came back negative. Let me know how it turns out okay? Reply Loading... Guest over a year ago I have been on Ortho tryciclen lo for the past year. In Dec I had a period, and started another pack of pills. When my monthly time for a period rolled around in Jan, I never got one. Instead of starting another pack, I assumed the possibility of a pregnancy, and didn't start another pack. Long story short, I should be starting another period any day now, but have had three negative prego tests. Two days ago, I started getting real sharp pains in my abdomen, kind of like hard contractions. It hurts worse when I walk, and even more so when I life heavy things like my 2 year old son. TOday, i found pink discharge in my panties. Several people are saying cysts or ectopic pregnancy. What do you think? Reply Loading... Guest over a year ago Hi, I feel that something is wrong with me. I took plan B next choice on January 14, and since January 20 I have been feeling bad. I had side effects like; nauseas, light headaches, stomach pain, and bleeding for few days. I took mylanta for my stomach disconfort for about 10 days but my stomach pain did not stopped, after that I had diarrhea and noticed a change in color on my stool (green in one ocation, and mixed with blood in few other occations). I had another irregular bleeding on Februaray 7 ( a lot of light red blood everytime after I urinated and little bit of blood on my sanitary towel). I was given antibiotics for a possible bacterial infection which made me bleed a lot and diarrhea mixed with blood. The bleeding stopped after four days, but the stomach pain is not going away, it is a mild pain that comes and goes but it bothers me more at night when I lay down in bed. I went to the GYN for a pap smear and they found a yeast infection and gave me antibiotic. I took a home pregnancy test on Feb. 1 and another test on Feb. 9 and they both came negative. Do you think that I could be experiencing an ectopic pregnancy? Reply Loading... Guest over a year ago Nadia123 wrote:

:?: :?: :?: I have had pain since Thursday in my pelvic area i thought it might have been my coil causing the pain i went to NHS Hospitals on Saturday as the pain was unbearable. They did blood and urine test that came up negative for pregnancy and negative for infections. I went to my GP on monday and had the coil removed as the bleeding and pain just got worse, she removed the coil, i got home and started getting worse clotty bleeding and pain that could kill. I made an appointment with her yesterday and she did an internal examinasion she then wrote a letter to the hospital requesting a scan be done. got to the hospital and once again took blood and took urine samples with neg pregnancy result but with infection this time now they dont want to do the scan as the pregnancy result is negative. Please could you inform me of any cases of Eptomic Pregnancy s with negative pregnancy test. I dont understand how one doctor can say it is an eptoPic pregnancy and a nother doesn t want to do the scan to confirm ?????????????????? WOW YOU SOUND`EXACTLY LIKE ME I WENT TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM ON THE 4TH OF OCT WITH VAGINAL BLEEDING THAT HAD BEEN GOING FOR 3 WEEKS AT THE TIME HEAVY, SO THEY EXPECTED THAT IT WAS AN EPTOPIC PREGNANCY SO I AD TO DO A URINE PREGNANCY TEST AND IT WAS NEGATIVE, SO THEY DID A BLOOD TEST AND IT WAS NEGATIVE ALSO, THAN THEY DID A PELVIC EXAM AND THEY COULD NOT FIND ANY INFECTION PLUS I WAS BLEEDING AT THE TIME( SO THAT MAY HAVE BEEN WHY THEY COULD NOT DO MUCH FOR THAT EXAM) BUT HE SAID IF I WAS PREGNANT THEN HE WOULD GIVE ME AN ULTRASOUND SO I WALKED OUT WITH A DISCHARGE...AND A REFERRAL TO AN OBGYN FOR FURTHER TESTING.....AND NOW IT S BEEN 4 WEEKS OF BLEEDING AND PLUS SHARP PAIN IN MY ABDOMEN ON ONE SIDE AND MY SIDES, PLUS LOWER BACK PAIN.....IDK GIRL I THINK WE BOTH NEED TO GET CHECKED OUT FOR REAL......GOOD LUCK TO YOU AND GOD BLESS Reply Loading... Guest over a year ago Im confused and getting a bit scard. For the last 3 months I have had weird periods. Whether they were not usual length or extremely light, to just a blood clot and its over. I took the morning after pill about 3 weeks ago after my boyfriend and I had an accident and never got a period. I took 2 pregnancy tests that show a negative result. Yet my boobs are tender, my moods are crazy, I have had days of nausia and headaches and more recently I have had lower abdominal pain and severe pain in my lower back shoulders and neck. Unfortunately, I also had a back injury in May(7months ago) so I am unaware to what could be the real cause of the severe back pain. The thing is I have been dealing with the pain from my back for a little while and this doesnt feel the same. I have pain on my right side and it hurts more when I move but very much feel it when I stay still. I woke up today and it seems as though I have started my period however even that seems off to me. It is clotty as it has been for the last few months but it seems to be flowing more. Yet I feel more pain. When I tried to insert my tampon I felt a good deal of pressure. I would take it out but I dont have any pads available at my house and my car wont start, and my boyfriend is at work. I have been reading up on etopic pregnancy and miscarriages and feel that this is a logical posibility yet I fear that if I go to the hosiptal they will say its just because of my injury. To make things worse, I dont have insurance and already have medical bills to pay. I am scared to go to the hospital and get checked out without knowing if this is really a likey synario. I have never been pregnant and I have in the past had irregular periods. I have had pain in my back,neck and shoulders often but this pain is different from the regular tightness and throbbing. This is a consisitant sharp to stabbing feeling right below my right shoulder blade. And a dull pain in my lower back and right abdomine. Help....I dont know what to think. I dont know if I should go to the hospital or try to wait it out. Reply Loading... Guest over a year ago I have been Feeling Pregnant for a few months now (I have a 17m old So i know how I felt when I was pregnant then), but have been having Periods...some late and lighter than normal with less pain and Neg HPT...I just starting having a very sharp pain in my side and in my neck...I was thinking I had a Kidney Stone...but now I was Leaning more towards a EP...any thoughts? Reply Loading... guest over a year ago well i am having cravings, hot flushes, pain on my left side and a light flow period with some small clots for about 4wks now, went to the doc s yesterday after i got a sharp pain from my lower abdomin to the inner side of my thigh, they told me it could be an eptopic pregnancy, chlamydia(which i know i dnt have as i have had tests about 6-8wks ago) or a urine infection so she took a urine sample, i now have to wait about a week for results and she didnt seam to worried about booking me an emergancy scan and didnt tell me if it is an EP my tube could burst, during my first pregnancy i had NO symptoms what so ever!!! i am goin to a walk in clinic on the wkend if anybody has any advice i would appricate it but would also like to tell you to be careful and insist on test and scans Reply Loading... Guest over a year ago hey, ive been to see the NHS out of hours a couple of weeks ago as had severe pain in my left side they did 3 preg tests all came back negative and checked for infection and found nothing, being sent home i returned again on monday as pain was getting worse to have another doctor do another preg test with same result negative and then say that even though it came up negative it could be an ectopic but i would have to have a scan to know for definate but i would have to wait til next month to have one done. it doesnt help that ive had all the symptoms of being pregnant e.g tiredness, sickness, craving and hot and cold flushes im starting to worry now as pains are still getting worse but all they will do is give me pain killers until i have my scan anyone have any thoughts Reply Loading... First 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Quick reply Recommended for You Preauthorization Hell: What Your Doctor Has to Go Through to Get Your Insurance to Pay

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