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I just got a shot of 50 mg of methotrexate last night at 11 pm and still not having any cramping or bleeding.

My OB confirmed I had an ectopic after two ultrasounds showing no pregnancy in the uterus. Yesterday my beta levels were 2000 and Wednesday they were 1918. Just wondering how long this process will take.

Mommy to Emma, 9-7-08 and Sarah 12/22/11 Comment Report this post 4 Comments (104) / 11 cole0521 Posted 10/10/2009

It depends on how far along you were and everyone has a different experince with it. I was 6 weeks pregnant and I cant remember exactly what my #s were. I got the shot on Jan 30 and it took about a month for me to hit 0. The first day I got the shot I didnt feel anything, the next night is when I had the pain and the bleeding but only lasted a day or two. Again some women say the pain wasnt that bad, for me it felt like back labor. I am so sorry this happened to you but know that these women on here are very understanding and comforting with anything you may need. Reply Report this comment 2 Kayla va · Original Poster Posted 10/10/2009

Thank you. I am not sure how far along as they could never see the pregnancy. I was somewhere between 3-7 weeks. I guess I thought the cramping and bleeding would start right away. So not necessarily? --

Nope, not necessarily. I had my MTX injection on 9/25---two Fridays ago. My numbers were at 650 the day before and went up to 880 the Monday after. I'd been bleeding all month (that's what tipped my doc off to the ectopic), but I had no cramping and the bleeding didn't get any heavier for a week, even though my 7-day bloodwork showed levels dropping nicely. My worst cramps (and that's not saying all that much) were days 7-9 after the injection. I suspect that the cramps were from small clots trying to pass through a closed cervix.

Remember, it is extremely common for your hCG levels to go up on your day 4 quant check. Don't freak out if they do. What matters st the drop between days 4 and 7. Let us know how you're doing! --

History: Unexplained infertility, EP Cervical insufficency Reply Report this comment 1 Kayla va · Original Poster Posted 10/10/2009

I had the shot August 5th 08, and didnt bleed until August 13th....I did not get to ZERO until HCG started out the day be4 the shot at 3973.....Goodluck! Sorry for your losss hun --

for me it took amonth and a half for the methotrexate shot to work and to get a regular period again so good luck with everything to you too!

I had 3 shots about 2 weeks apart from eachother. The 1st one I didn't feel anything Report this comment 0 Kayla va · Original Poster Posted 10/12/2009

Thank you for all your responses. I guess I was expecting to immediately have cramping and bleeding. I do back to the doctor tomorrow to have blood checked. Hopefully it goes down the way it is supposed to.

Actually I spotted the entire time I was pregnant with this one. Then after the shot, the bleeding stopped. Weird. The pain in my left side stopped too thankfully.

I hate not knowing the reason why it was ectopic. I don't have any risk factors. I hate not knowing if the pregnancy would have been fine if only the little cells had made their way to the right spot. --

Mommy to Emma, 9-7-08 and Sarah 12/22/11 Reply Report this comment 4 momofthreenow Posted 10/19/2009

Just curious how much mtx you all were given? I saw somebody said they got 50 mg. I got a 100 mg shot with my hcg levels only at 170 ish. Of course, my weight is 190 so maybe that's why? Just curious how they come up with the amount of mtx to give, and if it has any effect on how effective the treatment is... Reply Report this comment 0 alaskanimp Posted 10/20/2009

The amount you're given is a function of your weight and height. Per iVillage, "Methotrexate is administered at a dose of 50 mg. per square meter of body surface." I received approximately 50 mg (can't remember exactly). I'm 5'5.5" and 138 pounds.

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