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This makes no sense and I'm somewhat confused and frustrated so...can someone please help me? I am 6 days late. I have always had a regular 28 day cycle. I have had two normal pregnancies and both times the HPT showed a BFP a couple days BEFORE a missed period. I had a tubal in 1997 after the birth of my second and have had no complications to my cycle since then. No odd pains, no irregularities. Basically I ovulate and then 14 days later my period starts. This has been the way of it for the past 8 years. Well now I am not only 6 days late but I have a very annoying, very irritating pain on my left side that comes and goes. When it's at it's worse I feel pain radiating down my leg and up through my shoulder on the same side. When it's at it's worse I just feel mild period like cramps with no bleeding only a scant va___al discharge. I have no other Pregnancy symptoms but since I'm never, ever late decided to take a pregnancy test anyway since I am 1. s_xually active and 2. no form of birth control is 100% except abstinence. I knew very little about ectopic pregnancies until a few days ago and now I'm very concerned as to if this is an option I should be following up with despite having a negative HPT?? Okay there's my story...any advice helps especially if you've had a negative HPT and in actuality been pregnant please share your story with me because right now I'm in a HUGE amount of disbelief and very hesitant about seeking medical care at this point because I don't have medical insurance. pnj - February 14

Tough call... My ectopic showed a + off the bat... But the pain in the shoulder is a sign... Get it checked out! July23bride - February 14

Well I must say that I Have a story for you. Ok to start off I took a preg test on 12/25 and it came out neg so on 12/28 I took another one and it came out positive. on 1/4 I went to the Dr and we did a u/s to check how far along I was and she didnt see anything, So I took a hcg test(blood test) to see what my levels were. Oh I forgot to say I was feeling pain on my right side the whole time, I told some of my cousins and they just said I worry to much. so I let it ride til I went to the dr. So then I went to the Dr on 1/6 and there was still no sac and then we took some more blood. the Dr compared my levels and they went down. So I went back 2 wekks later to see if my hcg went all the way back to 0 and instead it went back up. Still I was having a lil pain here and there. antother u/s and still no sac. (yeah what a roller coaster) Anyway getting to the point I was in so much pain 2/5 that I winded up going to the ER and found out I had and Ectopic preg and it had ruptured. I had to have surgury and lost my right tube. I have no idea why in 4 u/s my OBGYN could not see it, But if you tset positive on a test then please go to a Dr cause ectopic preg can kill a mother cause you bleed internally. If you have anyother ??? please feel free to email me at [email protected] I will be glad to help in anyway I can. pnj - February 14

July - The reason is that they were not looking at your tubes, they were looking at your uterus... that's what happened to me. If they are not specifically looking for an ectopic, just looking for a viable pregnancy, they won't check the tubes. TeresaLmb - February 16

If you had an ectopic the hormone would show, if you had a pregnancy that is failing the stick will not turn blue...or could be very light. I have had 8 miscarriages and can always tell by how bright the color is whether or not the pregnancy will take. The heart is suppose to start bleeding I believe 21 days after conceptions, I can't seem to get past that. But fortunately I was lucky two times and have a boy and a girl. Just had my latest miscarriage mid January. Get back on your cycle and try again...if you want...about 90 days. denise - February 16

Well I appreciate all the answers and advice here. It's been 8 days now and still a no I'm going to the doctor next Wednesday if AF is still a no show. So we will see?? aphrodite - February 17

I had my tubes tied Dec 2000, am 35 with a 12 y/o daughter. My period comes every 28 days like clock work. I am now 7 days late today (Friday). I have decided if my period does not start by Monday then I will go to my doctor to see what is going on. I will update either way. I would love to be pregnant, and deliver a healthy baby. Please update Denise and let us know what happens. shondalicious - February 19

I'm going through a similiar situation. I have to children and had a tubal ligation in 1995. Since then, my cycle has been regular. I am now 10 days late. I've taken three HPT all were negative. I'm feeling a slight cramping for a couple of weeks, and am having a slight clear discharge. Reading the responses have been good information for me. I'm going to the drs office soon. I was going to give it to the end of the week, but reading the responses have scared me a little. Thanks for the information. ADD A COMMENT:You must be logged in to post. or please register .

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