Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic Pregnancy, symptoms to look for

The ectopic pregnancy symptoms are more or less similar to those of the normal pregnancy symptoms. Hence it takes some time to identify the ectopic pregnancy situation.

It is the condition of rather complication in pregnancy where the pregnancy implants outside the uterine cavity. Mostly it occurs in the fallopian tube, cervix, ovaries and abdomen.

This is a serious threat for the mother and if not treated properly, can cause horrendous trouble. This is a case which occurs in every two out of hundred pregnancies.

Ectopic pregnancy happens when the fertilized egg travels through the fallopian tube from the ovary to the womb and gets stuck due to any damage or blockage in the tube. It then implants itself on the walls of the tube and does not reach the destination.

In some cases, it gets implanted in the ovary or in an earlier c-section scar. In rare cases, a woman may have a normal pregnancy as well as an ectopic pregnancy. This is called heterotopic pregnancy.

The ectopic pregnancy symptoms, when in early stage, are not recognizable due to their close proximity with the symptoms of normal pregnancy.

In fact, it is diagnosed at an average of 7.2 weeks after the last menstrual period which is in a range of 5 to 8 weeks pregnancy. Most of the ectopic pregnancy signs are very much similar to the signs of diseases like appendicitis, urinary infections, gastrointenstinal disorder and pelvic inflammatory diseases.

To begin with, the suspect for having an ectopic pregnancy may happen if you notice slight vaginal bleeding of brown colour, after a week of the first missed menstrual period.

This is usually accompanied with a pain in the lower abdomen on one side mostly. If you encounter these symptoms and you are expecting to be pregnant, then it is advisable to go for an immediate check up.

The subsequent ectopic pregnancy symptoms include severe pelvic pain and faintness and dizziness caused by blood loss. The pelvic pain persists on one side of the lower abdomen and is often accompanied by cramps and abdomen inflammation.

Pain can also be felt while coughing, sneezing, urinating and having bowel movement. Dizziness and tiredness is often combined with diarrhoea. The blood loss faced due to vaginal bleeding makes the body tired and weak. The pregnant woman sometimes collapses or faints due to this symptom.

Apart from the above mentioned, other ectopic pregnancy symptoms are external and internal bleeding. The former is caused due to a decrease in the progesterone levels while the latter is caused due to haemorrhage from the affected tube.

These happen as the ectopic complication is not detected and treated at the right time. Due to these internal and external bleeding, a pregnant woman can experience symptoms like lower back pain in combination with pelvic pain.

Shoulder-tip pain also persists due to the free blood tracking up the abdominal cavity, causing irritation to other body parts. Cramps are also felt on various body parts.

Whenever a woman comes across any of these signs or others which are different from normal pregnancy, she should report to her doctor immediately. Delaying in check up may worsen the ectopic pregnancy.

Diagnosing ectopic pregnancy is important as the ectopic pregnancy symptoms are encountered late. First of all, a pregnancy test is done. Once that is found positive, ultrasound is done to check for pregnancy in uterus.

Once that fails, further tests are performed and then proper treatment is started. Diagnosis is often made by the process of laparoscopy. The location of the pregnancy is located through laparoscope. It is also used in the removal of the pregnancy.

As soon as the ectopic pregnancy symptoms are experienced and diagnosis is done, immediate medical treatment is provided to it. A drug called methotrexate, which has lesser side effects, is prescribed in selected cases of ectopic pregnancy.

If there are signs of internal bleeding, then a surgery is done to evacuate any blood and remove the pregnancy. Once the ectopic pregnancy is removed, there is about 10 percent risk in having another one which means the probabilities of having a healthy and normal pregnancy next time is still high.

Nothing much can be done to prevent the ectopic pregnancy once again. You can have a course of antibiotics prescribed by your doctor to clear the previous infections and reduce further damage to your tube. The next time you are pregnant, see your doctor to know if your pregnancy is at the right place.

Providing proper treatment as soon as you experience ectopic pregnancy symptoms can pose less threat on your pregnancy. So next time, you come across any of the above mentioned signs, rush to your health care provider immediately. Depression During Pregnancy Cramps During Early Pregnancy EPT pregnancy test kit Filed Under: Healthy PregnancyAmazon Baby Registry Signup Special Recent PostsLumbar Support Pillow, Chairs, Belt and AccessoriesJuly 24th, 2015Welcome, we are here to help you find suppliers of all types of lumbar support pillow products in th[...]The Cinch Postpartum Wrap Back Support Hip Shaper ReviewJuly 21st, 2015You should have seen the look on my face when I opened my friend Laura’s gift to me at my baby showe[...]Schmoozi Pregnancy Pillow With Innovative Back SupportJuly 18th, 2015As a mother to two kids, I have endured many long and restless nights caused by my pregnancy. I’ve t[...]Wonder Core Smart Total Core Workout 2015 ReviewJuly 14th, 2015Every Woman needs Exercise to stay fit. And what more about Pregnant Women? You will need to exercis[...]J-shaped, premium-contoured Body Maternity Pillow with Zippered CoverJuly 13th, 2015Pregnancy Pampering with the Premium Maternity Pillow If you’re a mommy-to-be and reading this, l[...] Categories Bed fan Bedding‎ Birth Body Pillows Boppy Healthy Pregnancy Lingerie Maternity Guide Pregnancy weeks Reviews toddler Wedding Lingerie

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