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1st TrimesterNew Discussion Corpus luteal cyst, ectopic pregnancy, or nothing at all? miranada February 2012 in 1st Trimester

So this is me, over-thinking everything. The past 2 days or so I've been very "aware" of my right ovary region. Kind of like dull somewhat stabby pains and twinges in that area.

I've had ruptured ovarian cysts before so whenever I get ovarian pain I get paranoid pretty quickly. But I was just wondering if this is a normal symptom in early pregnancy?

Could it just be the corpus luteal cyst sustaining the pregnancy that's causing me slight pain? Is it possibly an ectopic pregnancy? Is this all in my head?

Any insight would be appreciated, I'm driving myself crazy with over-analyzing this! Report0 Reply to Post Re: Corpus luteal cyst, ectopic pregnancy, or nothing at all? adreajoy member February 2012

Coming down from the 3rd tri--- pre menstrual like cramping in early pregnancy is normal because your uterus is stretching and growing. If the pain is severe or intense or extremely persistant, you should see a doctor. If the cramping is accompanied by spotting or bleeding, you should see a doctor. If the cramping is accompanied by lightheaded feeling or severe dizziness, you should go to the doctor.

Try drinking more water, especially during the earlier hours of the day. I didn't know about cramping in pregnancy either before I got pregnant and it freaked me out. Hope this helps. "Babies are such a nice way to start people."Don Herrold Report0 Reply miranada February 2012 Thanks for this! I know that cramping is normal in pregnancy, I was just concerned at the localized nature of my cramping. But no other symptoms currently so I'll just keep my fingers crossed! Report0 Reply superned member February 2012

It sounds normal. You're too early to be feeling anything from an ectopic (unless you are unsure about your dates), and that pain is not generally dull or like twinges. When I had mine (felt pain first at about 6w), the pain was so terrible that I almost passed out.

At my u/s this week we discovered that I have a couple of cysts on my right ovary and one is hemmhoragic, which is normal, but likely to cause some localized pain.

If you start bleeding or spotting or the pain intensifies to where you can't function normally, then call your OB ASAP. But twinges, dull aching, and even short, stabbing pains are all normal.

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TTC #2 since 7/11...cycle #3 of Clomid + IUI = BFPMalcolm...September 21, 2012...8lbs, 6oz...Another med-free birth! Report0 Reply Aspen436 February 2012 Lurking from 2nd Tri, and I want to give you some reassurance that I had exactly the same thing in early preganancy. I had a dull nagging but obvious pain on my right side. It felt exactly where my ovary would be. It could be the Corpus Luteal Cyst or possibly the tugging pulling from the implantation. It scared me too, but I did not have an ectopic pregnancy. My doctor said it was normal to feel all kinds of cramps, aches, pains in early pregnancy so definitely get used to it. I had lots of cramping early on.... very normal! But if it's accompanied by bleeding, you should let your doctor know immediately. If you are concerned at all about any aches or pains, don't hesitate to call your doctor about any question you have! If for anything else, it will be for your own peace of mind. Relax and try to enjoy your pregnancy! It goes so fast!!! Best of luck! Report0 Reply mrsjenni member February 2012

I do have cycts on my left ovary (diagnosed 4 days before my BFP!) and I could certainly feel them more once I became PG. If you're just aware of your ovary, I'd say it's likely a cyst. But if you have contant stabbing pains on one side, then call your doc... they may want to just check it out and make sure it's not ecotopic.

I'm sure it's just a cyst though hun... especially since you know what they feel like! ________________________________________________________________

Carter Robert 7.18.08 | Brynn Sophia 5.24.10 | Reid Joseph 9.10.12 | Emerson Mae 1.27.14 Report0 Reply miranada February 2012 Thanks for the reassurance, guys. Really. It's so hard to remain level-headed about something you're impossibly excited for. Report0 Reply Sovello member February 2012 These sorts of stabbing pains, especially to the right, are VERY common! I've had them for years and through this entire pregnancy. They're not as bad as they were in the first weeks but it's something a lot of women experience. Eleanor Gwendolyn Report0 Reply mb314 member February 2012

I've had a pain in my left ovary, and it can be kind of intense. I had a sonogram this week, and the technician confirmed that the pain is coming from the corpus luteal cyst. Sometimes the pain's not noticable and other times I feel it pretty strongly. It's a sharpish pain sometime, other times more dull. I've had the pain off and on for a couple of weeks, maybe longer.

For peace of mind, call you doctor to let them know and they can determine if they need to do any tests to see if it's something more serious.

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