Ectopic Pregnancy

6 symptoms of ectopic pregnancy |

In an ectopic pregnancy the fertilized egg implants itself inside the lining of the fallopian tube or at times in the ovaries or lining of the abdomen.

Ectopic pregnancy never progresses into a full term pregnancy. If it goes unnoticed it can lead to a medical emergency. It is wise to get treated before it’s too late.

Though most women might reach the hospital reporting an emergency due to the progression of the pregnancy but there are enough signs that can make you aware of your condition early. Here are the signs that could indicate a possible ectopic pregnancy:

This pain can be mild in the beginning and can get severe with every passing day and become persistent. One more noticeable fact about abdominal pain associated with ectopic pregnancy is that it would be sharp and severe, present only on one side of the abdomen.

Of course we all know that vaginal bleeding is a common sign for many womanly health crises, but this is different from the regular menstrual periods. Your blood might look darker with the bleeding being either heavier or lighter. Though this might not be a prominent sign in most women, but absence in periods and sudden vaginal bleeding with the symptoms mentioned can indicate an abnormality in pregnancy. But many ignore this symptom thinking it is a delayed menstrual period.

You thought anything related to pregnancy would be restricted to the bump and the genitals. Well, an abnormal pregnancy can trouble other parts of your body too. With the progression of an ectopic pregnancy, you may notice a sharp pain at the shoulder tip (the juncture between the shoulder and the arm). This is also an indication that there is some internal bleeding due to ectopic pregnancy. The bleeding is thought to irritate the phernic nerve, which is found in the diaphragm. It is believed that irritation of the phrenic nerve can cause pain in the shoulder blade. You might feel the pain become severe or extensive while lying down.

With ectopic pregnancy it is possible that the fertilized egg grows and ruptures leading to internal bleeding which in turn can lead to a lightheaded feeling or can even make one collapse. This condition is often associated with a drop in the blood pressure. This is usually an emergency situation that needs medical help.

A progression of ectopic pregnancy can also give rise to symptoms like that of gastrointestinal disorders or infections like vomiting and diarrhea.

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